A Few Words About Us


Suites type salons differ from traditional salons in some very distinct and important ways.

In traditional salons, stylists work at stations that are either out in the open or are semi-private. Suites type salons offer each stylist his or her own private suite, with four walls and a door. Within that suite is everything needed to run a small one or two person salon: A styling station and chair, free wifi and direct tv, and other furnishings the stylist may choose. Nail suites, skin care suites, and massage suites are, of course, furnished differently. The individual suites offer clients privacy and one on one attention.

Beauty professionals have the opportunity to personalize, furnish and decorate the suite with virtually no limitations. But most importantly they have the opportunity to manage their business as they choose – be their own boss, set their own hours, sell products of their choice, and keep the profits. Cross Roads Salon Suites provides the benefits of salon ownership without the related high initial investment and complexities of operating a salon business, allowing beauty professionals to focus on their individual businesses. We even provide a hair shampooing and rinsing station with a special drying rooms that are comfortable and convenient.


Top Reasons to Choose Cross Roads...


A luxurious ambiance

greets all clients that walk in the door. With a cozy friendly atmosphere that sets the mood, brilliant lighting, an upscale interior appearance and multiple seating areas, your clients will feel comfort around every corner. A name marquis in the front to help clients find their way to you.

A receptionist is provided

During peak-hours to greet all customers that enter CR Salon Suites. A professional receptionist will help all customers find the proper business while simultaneously handling any problems that may arise.

Manageable lease rates

Help you keep your overhead down while keeping more profits for you. We do one year contracts with signing promotions followed by a month to month lease after your first year. Lease rates included all utilites, Free Wifi and Free Direct TV.

Marketing to your clients

is part of the package with a direct marketing mail outs done regularly, an established web-site with goggle optimization, Facebook, instagram, new signage and lots of other ongoing advertising to your clients. We are invested in your business and dedicated to helping you build your business.

All utilities included

Except for your phone, all overhead expenses are included in your lease payment. Including free Wi-Fi, Direct Tv, electricity and water.

Suite finishes include

twelve foot ceilings with upscale flooring and a door window for optimum ambiance. The suite is also furnished with table, chair, mirror and shelving (depending on your needs).

Safe environment

After-hour security systems allows you to operate your business with peace of mind. There is ample parking in a well lit parking area.

Full service for the tenants

Credit Card machines are provided on premise to all suite professionals. Save money without having to lease your own credit card terminal. Increase sales by allowing your clients to pay for their services by credit-card. A break room with microwave, sink and seating is provided. On-site laundry features use of commercial equipment for fast.


CR Salon Suites serves a special market within the salon industry.

Each of our Suites is a self-contained "Mini salon". Salon owners, our tenants, have the ability to decorate and personalize their Suite to their own taste. They are able to serve their clients on their terms and provide the personalized service that their clients have come to not only appreciate, but also expect.

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